Never scold your partner
Never look down on your partner
Never hit your partner
Never abuse your partner
Never regard your partner as inferior
Never release your anger, emotion and/or stress to your partner
Never suppress your feeling, and let's share for all happiness and sadness

Try to respect your partner
Try to be a good listener
Try to provide your greatest support to your partner for all ups and downs
Try to love from your heart
Try to feel what your partner feels
Try to respect your partner's decision
Try to appreciate and acommodate all your parnter's strengths and weaknesses
Try to tell yourself each of us is unique and should not push your partner to follow your direction
Try to be romantic occasionally (e.g., anniversary, birthday or other celebration)

Dos On Daily Basis
Spend time to release your working stress for 30 minutes at least
Share your feeling with your partner and ask 'how are you today?'
Be humours
Be positive in thinking

Dos On Weekly Basis
Treasure your family day to have fun and relax